Pest Management
Here at Stephensons Tree Service
specialize in pest management,
especially the treatment of
better known as Emerald
Ash Borer of EAB for short. It is an
exotic beetle that was discovered in
southeastern Michigan near Detroit in
the summer of 2002. The adult beetles
nibble on ash foliage but cause little
damage. The larvae (the immature
stage) feed on the inner bark of ash
trees, disrupting the tree's ability to
transport water and nutrients. It is
beleived that EAB probably arrived in
the United States on solid wood packing
material carried in cargo ships or
airplanes originating in its native Asia.
EAB has killed tens of millions of trees
and cost municipalities, property
owners, nursery operators and forest
products industries tens of millions of
Emerald Ash Borer
An example of the S-shaped patterns, called
galleries, that EAB larvae create as they feed under
the bark of ash trees. This piece of bark has its outer
layer removed so the galleries are visible, but usually
the outer bark hides this sign of EAB infestation.
An example of a D-shaped emergence (or exit)
hole. The very small hole (1/8 of an inch) is a sign
of emerald ash borer infestation. NOTE: other wood
boring beetles also leave exit holes in trees. The
tiny size AND D-shape are characteristic of EAB.
We here at Stephensons Tree Service
utilize the best equipment and scientific
knowledge to help protect, treat, and
eliminate the spread of EAB. We utilize a
root basal soil drench, which has proven
to be the most effective and safe
weapon  against this foreign invader.
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